Nikolay Solovyev

InterSystems IRIS Developer

Аpplication architecture consultant

Database performance specialist


I have been working since 2002. I am a professional software developer. I have extensive experience with InterSystems products: InterSystems IRIS, Ensemble, Caché); as well as web application development with PHP, Symfony, Mysql, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.

20 Years of

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Nikolay Solovyev

The reliability of a software developer is determined by his ability to meet the project deadlines declared by him and other customer expectations.

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Software developer

Took part in several projects for Intersystems: IRIS Package Manager, System Alerting and Monitoring

(2018 - 2022)


Conducted trainings on IRIS, Ensemble, Caché for InterSystems customers

(2012 - 2021)

Web Developer LLC. E-commerce platform development (Symfony, Mysql, MongoDB)

(2021 - 2022)

Software developer

Beautica - development of a loyalty program (Symfony, Mysql)

(2021 - 2021)

Software developer

CRM for E-Commerce (InterSystems Ensemble)

(2009 - 2013)

Web Developer

Travel Portal (Symfony, Mysql)

(2012 - 2015)


BSc: Cybernetics (database design)

Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Moscow, Russia


Postgraduate business school: Project management in online projects

Higher School of Business-Informatics (postgraduate business school of The Higher School of Economics)


InterSystems IRIS Core Solutions Developer Specialist


My Services

A brief of Offerting Services

InterSystems IRIS development

  • Database design
  • ObjectScript
  • Interoperability design
  • Interoperability componets
  • REST
  • Support legacy code

Web Development

  • Web Application design
  • PHP
  • Symfony framework
  • SQL and NoSQL Databases
  • Support legacy code


  • Trainings for Intersystems developers
  • Database performance optimization
  • Caché to IRIS migration
  • Modern Web Application Design

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